Intel Corporation Internship

In the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA. During this internship I worked with the wonderful test card team under PEG (Platform Engineering Group) – MVE (Manufacturing Validation Engineering) – MVS-HW (Manufacturing Validation Solutions-Hardware). My team designed hardware, completed pre-silicon validation, post-silicon validation, and wrote the RTL for the hardware. I was lucky to be placed on a team that designs hardware from beginning to end, as a lot of other teams focus only on pre-silicon or post-silicon. This allowed me to learn a lot about the process of designing hardware and the full circle involved in the process.

During this internship, I completed post-silicon validation on a next generation serial interface test card that my team designed prior to my arrival in the group. I completed a test plan for the power on phase of the test card, which includes testing all things power related to the board and debugging and errors that may pop up, as well as closely documenting the process with scope captures and voltage readings. I also tested and debugged validation hardware that was used with other test cards for my team. This included debugging the design of the board, as well as loading images onto the board and testing components to debug certain issues.

To wrap up my internship, I wanted to get hands on experience with the RTL and Verilog. I was able to develop a next generation serial protocol in RTL Verilog that I tested and confirmed, and was loaded onto the next generation serial interface test card I had previously validated.

This internship was very interesting for me because I learned so much about hardware and all the opportunities there are in this field. I also learned a lot about the tech world and how companies like Intel function and run on a daily basis. I really enjoyed my time there and it has only increased my interest in technology and design!



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